The Runner’s Review is a blog about all things running, including product and book reviews, race reviews and reports, training tips, and running news.  I plan to post regularly, so check back often.  If you have any blog ideas, or any topic requests, let me know! 

Hope you enjoy!


All the information provided on the The Runner’s Review website is for educational and resource purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice and recommendations of your health care provider, chiropractor, life counselor, spiritual healer, fortune teller, clairvoyant, veterinarian, manicurist, bank teller, parents/spouse/life partner or dog. The Runner’s Review makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, correctness, validity, awesomeness, distastefulness, or superfluousness of any information on this site and will not be liable for errors or omissions and any losses, injuries or damages arising from its use. It’s a blog. Take it as-is.

Because this blog is health related, we must tell you to consult with your health care provider before beginning any exercise program or altering your lifestyle, diet or exercise habits.

The Runner’s Review, and any persons associated with The Runner’s Review, will not be held liable for the decisions that you make based on this information. The Runner’s Review will not be held responsible for issues with any of the companies and products featured on this site.

Remember, THIS IS A BLOG. It contains opinions, thoughts, ideas, and links to additional sources of information. We really need to drive this one home: You should always consult your physician with any medical questions.

The writers at The Runner’s Review write reviews for our own enjoyment and to share our interest in all things running (and because our families and work colleagues are sick of hearing us talk about running). A little establishment called the FTC insists that amateur bloggers must disclose any potential perks that could arise from their reviews (such as free products, etc). Below is our review policy to avoid any conflict of interest:

  1. The Runner’s Review will not accept payment for product or service reviews.
  2. If a reviewed product was provided to The Runner’s Review for less than retail price, The Runner’s Review will explicitly state that in the product review.

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